School Calendar

Sat, Apr 23 - Sun, May 1
Spring Recess (schools closed)
Wednesday, May 4
Community Meetings
8:50 AM - 12:50 PM
6th Grade - 2nd period
7th Grade - 3rd period
8th Grade - 4th period
9th Grade - 6th period
Thursday, May 5
Poetry Competition
Friday, May 6
Community Meetings
8:50 AM - 11:15 AM
12th Grade - 2nd period
11th Grade - 3rd period
10th Grade - 4th period
Tuesday, May 10
Parent-Teacher Conferences
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
All STAR students are expected to be in full school uniform beginning with the first day of school. The uniform policy is as follows:

Middle School students:
(1) Light blue polo shirts with STAR logo
 (2) Navy blue pants (or skirts) - no jeans
 (3) Black/brown  shoes/sneakers (no colorful sneakers)
(4) White/Black/Baby Blue/Dark Blue Sweater (No logos and writings)
***No Hoodies

High School students:
(1) White polo shirts with STAR logo
(2) Black pants (or skirts) - no jeans
(3) Black/brown shoes/sneakers (no colorful sneakers)
(4) White/Black/Baby Blue/Dark Blue Sweater (No logos and writings)
***No Hoodies

From the Principal


Message From The Principal


 Dear Parents:

Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year!

We are looking forward to a year filled with wonderful opportunities for our entire school community to come together in support of our students. We must continue to help each of them building successfully for the future through fostering individual determination and striving for educational excellence at STAR Early College School.


1. Student usernames consist of their complete first name and last name with a period (dot) between the names without any spaces or uppercase letters. (example: dorine.cooper)
2. The first time a student logs in their password will consist of their first 8 digits (numbers) of their osis/id number.
For example, a student with the name Dorine Cooper with an osis/id number of 241356897 would login in the following manner;
                             Username = dorine.cooper
                             Password = 24135689
3. Once the student logs on they will be instructed to create a new password. They should then use their entire 9 digits of their osis/id  number. For example, the above named student would change her password from 24135689 to 241356897
Thank you,
Mr. D. Camastro, Site Manager

Brooklyn College & Science, Technology and Research (STAR) Early College School 

The STAR Early College High School opened in 2003 in partnership with Brooklyn College and the New York City Department of Education. The school offers students a rigorous and challenging, college-enriched curriculum, with a science, technology, and research themes.


Parent Instructions

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

All STAR teachers have an EngradePro account (EngradePro.com) that they use to post your student's grades. In the beginning of the school year, all incoming students and parents will receive a packet that has information on how to register into this program. Parents/Guardians and students will have different accounts to see the same grades for the student.
Parents or guardians, if you need an EngradePro account, please email me at dlombard@starec.org. In the email, please let me know your name and your child's full name. I cannot  create an account without knowing this information.

If there are any problems or questions,  please contact the school for Ms. Lombard, Ms.Miller, Mr.Camastro, or Ms.Gregory.


Important Information

Resources for Parents

SchoolSourceNYC: Answers for New York City Families is an exciting multimedia project launched in spring 2009 by RMC Corporation
in collaboration with THIRTEEN.
  • This website provides the latest information on topics important to families such as how to register for kindergarten, what to look for when choosing a high school, and why families need to stay involved and connected to schools. The website also suggests ways for families to connect in a meaningful context with schools around the key area of student achievement. Print and multimedia materials showcased on the website may be downloaded and used in training workshops as well as for distribution by community partners. The SchoolSource NYC products will include information sheets, narrated PowerPoints, video clips, podcasts, and training guides.
Topics for the school year include:
  • Transitions to Kindergarten, Middle School and High School;
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Regents Examinations
  • Strong Foundations
  • High School Admissions Process

Engradepro is a website that allows parents/guardians and students to access their grades online. It is not a report card. It is a grade book that allows you to see the student's progress throughout the school year. All parents/guardians and students need to register to enter this website. 

Effective March 2nd, 2015, the Cell Phone Policy has changed for NYC schools. The following link is the new Cell Phone Policy adopted at STAR Early College.Cell Phone Policy.docx

Study Island is up and running for all middle school students. Please visit the website: www.studyisland.com  Assignments will be given by teachers for their students.

The following is a link to Senior Fridays 2014-2015. Senior_Fridays_2014-2015.docx

The following link is the rooms of the staff members at STAR. room directory

The folowing file is the scholarship list.Scholarship_List(1).xls

Parents/ Guardians,
You may register for Email Class Alerts by using the Parent Registration link at the top of our homepage. This will increase your link with our school.

You are also encouraged to register for your student's grade information at https://engradepro.com/ . This
 is a grade book that allows you to see the student's progress throughout the school year. If you need an account set up, please email Ms. Lombard at dlombard@starec.org. Include in your email your full name and your child's full name.